Game Reviews/Opinions

One of the things that helps my anxiety, is games. Whether tabletop or virtual, I find myself somewhat peaceful while playing with family or friends in person or over the internet.

I have such an intense anxiety and fear of being around others that I find it extremely hard to communicate with people. After working retail for many years, my anxiety has only gotten worse.

However, if someone wants to talk about Final Fantasy, Left 4 Dead, Civilization, or similar titles: I will perk up and communicate pretty decently.

Mmos give me the courage to talk to others and work together towards goals. Although fictional and no real monetary value is gained, I can recount the most fun moments in my life wiping on Onyxia(raid boss way back when) for hours until we finally beat it as a guild.

I’ve spent countless hours diving into fictional realms and genres between Fantasy and Horror since my days of playing on our Sega and Nintendo. Since posting about my anxiety has started to help give me some sort of outlet, I figured I’d just devote some time sharing my thoughts on games.

Even if nobody listens/reads, I’ve come to appreciate this expression. It helps me.