Civilization VI

I’ve played over 650 hours of Civilization V. Whether it be online against other people, solo play, or spending hours at home with my brother, sister and husband. I was so beyond excited when Civilization VI was announced and followed them until this treasure was released. 

Since I’ve bought the game, I have mostly played by myself with only a couple games with the previous family members from Civ V. The most annoying reason, simply being that the game itself kept bugging out or locking out disconnected players from returning to the match. We would get 80 or more turns in, just to have to start over. After a few attempts, we moved on to other games.
I recently came back to give it another go and see if any of the bugs were fixed through a patch, or if the modding community had come in to repair the annoying issues that we didn’t have in Civ V.

I’m starting a new game with 184 hours of Civ VI experience and wish to give this a fair shake.

The mods I have installed for this single player experience are as follows:


Better Espionage Screen

Better Trade Screen

Fish Farms

Gold Resource

Immersive Dialogue

The settings I will be using are as follows:

Random Leader for all players.

Ruleset: Standard

Difficulty: Prince

Start Era: Ancient Era

Game Speed: Epic

City States: 10

Map: Continents

Map Size: Standard

Resources: Standard

World Age: Standard

Start Position: Standard

Temperature: Standard

Rainfall: Standard

Sea Level: Standard

Victory Conditions: Culture, Domination, Religious, Science

Number of Players: 1 Human(Me), and 20 Ai.

I plan to post either down or in specifically tagged posts.

I’m unsure as to how I’ll share my experience. Most likely I’ll be dorky and share highlights from my leaders perspective, and then do a review at the end.

Anywho, wish me luck! 😉