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Review of “Dead By Daylight” – PS4

My first experience of this game was sitting my by bed, surrounded by darkness, with my face illuminated as I watched Jesse Cox and his friends run around as a killer, murdering the survivors and wiggling free from the killers grasp.
Initially it had me giggling, and it seemed fun, probably due to the group of friends joking together and playing around, even though the situation is literally playing with the idea of someone playing as a slasher psycho from some sort of horror movie.

I had talked to my husband and my sister periodically about the game since seeing the video, and we’ve investigated reviews little by little on YouTube.

Yesterday, my husband and I decided that we would purchase the game, and in order to convince my sister, I brought it to her house for her to give it a shot.

We took turns, lurking in the brush, hiding amongst the trees; it wasn’t long before we were screaming at the television, running away from a man with a chainsaw, or a madman doctor that kept electrocuting us.

We decided immediately that we were both hooked and as the night started, and all four of our consoles were ready, we logged into the game.


The Concept:

The general idea is good versus evil. A group of up to four campers are placed around the map with the goal of repairing three or more generators. Once the required number of generators are repaired, two exits are added to the map – one on either side. A small twist however, is that a survivor must channel opening the door via a button or lever system directly next to the exit. Once channeled, the door is open for any survivor to run past and leave the zone, unable to return, but given points for surviving the encounter and the ability to keep the items they found or started with.

While all of that is going on, you are placed in the map with someone playing as the killer. The killer is unknown to the group of survivors until they are met on the map face to face. The killer is unable to be destroyed, but generally moves slower than survivors. Especially when it comes to the drop-able barriers, and moving through windows or jumping over fallen logs. The killer is a being with one motivation, to please the “Entity” by killing all survivors. Generally each survivor has about 2 hit points. Getting struck once drops you down to one health, which causes you to bleed, stumble, and/or run slower than normal. The injured survivor also breathes louder and grunts in pain in this state. Once survivors are struck in this state, they are dropped onto their stomachs with essentially “0” hit points, crawling for their lives.

If another player manages to get to them before the killer picks them up, the crawling survivor is then able to hobble as if they had 1 health again. However, if the killer picks up a near death survivor, they are able to hoist their bodies onto one of many hooks stationed throughout the map. Survivors are then given a slowly depleting health bar that once depleted- they are immediately “sacrificed” and removed from the map.

Survivors can get to an ally and remove them from the hook, giving them the chance to hobble away as if they once again had “1 hit point”.

There are things in the game such as med kits, and toolboxes which make healing an option for injured survivors and speeds up the process on repairing generators.


There are also many…MANY…”perks” or abilities you can equip on killers and survivors, in order to customize the way you would like to play the game. Whether given the ability to see allies through walls, run faster to escape the killer, or to instantly kill crawling survivors without the need of placing them on a hook.

Dead by Daylight has a selection of survivors available, each with their own talents and traits; in addition to a variety of killers which increase the replay value of the game immensely. Add in to the fact that their are MANY maps, which make learning the ins and outs of each map (hiding locations, generator locations, things to jump over and walls to place) every game quickly ends up feeling relatively unique to the previous ones played.

However, there are some issues with the game itself that can affect the “fun” aspect of Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight has some seriously annoying coop play. You can go into the mode of “Kill Your Friends” which allows you to select one of your friends to be the killer while the others are survivors. An annoyance is that there is no tutorial that shows you how to switch between the roles, so my family of four kept leaving in between matches to open up a new lobby started by the player that wanted to be the killer.We learned after days of playing that when in that game mode you can select the “spectator” button, which immediately turns into the “killer” button. You can only change in between the three rolls, in that exact order. The game can bug when doing this, thinking there are two killers. It will let you start a match, but it has glitched and crashed the game every time we did it this way.

Dead by Daylight doesn’t let you gain “bloodpoints” when you play in the “Kill Your Friends” mode. This is rather frustrating because you can spend hours playing with friends, only to gain nothing for your games against random players in a public lobby.

Another frustration is that if you decide to choose the “Survive With Friends” game mode, up to 4 players are put into a group, then put into matchmaking. The most irritating thing about this, is that the matchmaking system does not seem to place you with people around the same skill level as you. Nor are you placed with people about the same level. We were constantly grouped with killers that were level 20 or higher, and had a HUGE advantage over us, which was even more annoying because most of our matches were played together, so we didn’t get the “experience” or “bloodpoints” to use in multiplayer. Then you have to add on the fact that there are NOT a lot of people wanting to play as the killer (for various reasons, some were similar to the complaints above- just revered for the killers Point of View) so we waited for 10 minutes at nearly every attempt to play in the “Survive With Friends” game mode.

The game has a decent connection at almost every attempt to play, and we barely deal with disconnects. However, there is a huge problem with a killer leaving if you are decent at hiding. It is extremely unfair that when a survivor leaves the game or disconnects, the killer gets a bonus to their score/experience. If a killer leaves, you “disconnect from host” and get nothing. No experience. No “Bloodpoints”. No score. Nothing.


All of the complaints aside- we spend hours playing this game, shrieking over our headsets because the thumping heartbeat when a killer is nearby, the exploding hag traps that pop out at you, the crazy chainsaw wielding hillbilly, teleporting nurse, and doctor that makes you hallucinate causes us to nearly crap ourselves. You are on a  constant adrenaline high, hiding from a killer, trying not to attract the killer while repairing generators, helping caught allies, and screaming for help when you are on a hook and about to die.

This game, for the price of $29.99 was definitely one of the better purchases we have ever made on the PlayStation 4. We have gotten hours of entertainment that never feels entirely boring, and even though there are bugs periodically that cause you to crash, and the matchmaking is entirely frustrating at times, you can barely ever stop the adrenaline coursing through your brain.

Every game leaves you in that fearful sweat or that intense level of focus as you are running through cornstalks, attempting to evade a man wielding bear traps.

I simply cannot recommend this game enough, and you can bet your ass we will be buying the Halloween DLC that adds “The Shape” (Micheal Myers from Halloween) killer to the fray.

If you are a horror buff or an adrenaline junkie, or simply love to goof off with friends, buy the game. Perhaps we will see you and scream for our lives together. Perhaps we will piss our pants at the same time. Perhaps you may be on the bloody end of our claws as we chase you through the night.

There is a lot I didn’t talk about in this game but rather than spoiling all of the content, I firmly believe you should buy this game and give it your best shot. With an open mind, you won’t be disappointed.

(Note- the hit point references are not a real thing, but some people understand when numbers are used, so THAT’S why it’s in here 😉 )

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