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Civilization VI- Gorgo, 13

With the first Holy Site completed in Sparta, it seemed only fitting to build a shrine for my people to worship at. Through this shrine, the people of Sparta with feel closer to our Pantheon. One day, we may even allow people to become missionaries to spread the word, but they must be trained here. They must learn all that our God of the Sea has to offer, so that they can teach Their ways.


Pedro paid a visit to let me know that he’s happy that my empire poses no threat to him. How silly of him, I am dealing with Amsterdam and wouldn’t dream of harming my dear Pedro, kind and firm leader of Brazil.


While surrounding Amsterdam, my forces have encountered trained warriors. They claim to not be hostile and from the land of Brussels. Meanwhile, my galley following the coastline, has found people from another land called Geneva. The people from Geneva seem injured and dirty, maybe I should send someone on foot to find out if they are okay?


Our researchers have come up with a brilliant idea. They believe we can take wood, and use it as a sort of barrier between us and those who would do our cities harm they have deemed the construct, a “wall”. I’ve instructed for the first one to be built around Sparta.

Also, the time for change has come. Our people want more than a set of rules and laws. They yearn for a more structured form of political stability. We have transitioned to a Classical Republic, which I feel will allow for more happiness for all of my people near and far. I’ve been labeled as a Charasmatic Leader since this transition, and instilled a new program to help make Caravanseries more profitable.



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