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Civilization VI, Gorgo-12

As I was removing my troops from England, I hadn’t noticed Amsterdam sending an attack force! They ambushed my units, in a fury by the likes I hadn’t seen before. I ordered all units to begin heading south to assist immediately but I fear one troop of my slingers lost their their lives before my orders were even given.


Oh Pericles! He’s so funny with his witty words; he had sent me a delegation, saying that it bears gifts and not to be worried, for there was no large wooden horse involved. As if someone would be crazy enough to make a horse out of wood. How impractical!


With the repairs completed on our galley, I sent it along to coast, to explore and see if there were more potential allies nearby.


I went to meet with Pedro, but he seemed a little standoffish. I figured it was because he was distracted by some of his citizens looking disheveled. I told him I would send some gold from our treasury to help him focus on the betterment of his people. He seemed to be in a much better mood once the deal was etched in stone.


In the same fashion, Knossos is now building a Holy Site as well, their mountain range is also next to a river, which ultimately leads to the Sea. Communion with our God seemed ideal there.


I have replaced our outdated Agoge policy to enact Conscription. I know some people in our army won’t be paid for their service, but ultimately it’s for the good of Sparta and the people who live there, so the ends justify the means.


A man stumbled into Knossos, he introduced himself as Mohandas Ghandi, but his people refer to him as Bapu for some reason. He asked that I call him friend. Someone so sweet and small could never be destructive, so I invited him into the city, to sample what hospitality we have to offer.

As he was on his way, I sent a delegation to his people. Maybe this can be the first step towards a deep rooted friendship?


Less than a year later and he comes to me, telling me that I am bloodthirsty and that it might be better to out an end to our friendship! Is he speaking of my current altercation with Amsterdam? Maybe if I try and communicate my desire for those Diamonds, he would see things my way. Yes, he seems reasonable. He has to understand that Amsterdam needs a leader to help them manage those gems! I am only doing them a favor!

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