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Civilization VI- Gorgo,11

With three separate units of slingers, it wasn’t long until Liverpool was begging me to walk some warriors within the city’s center, and incorporate it into my plans for Amsterdam.

The galley I had sent to London has been firing non stop, but has been damaged during the assault. Therefore, I am going to call for a retreat to do repairs. Being my only one, I would hate for it to be destroyed.


Sparta has finally finished training our very first Trading Caravan. I am going to wait for the barbarian menace near Knossos to be dealt with before giving them a destination though. Their safety is important if they are going to positively affect my economy.

I gave then gave the people of Sparta instructions to build a Holy Site under the cover of a nearby mountain range. It feels like a naturally peaceful place where we could be closer to the heavens. A great spot to communicate with our God of the Sea.


After walking to the Center of Liverpool, my warriors let the citizens know they now live under my rule. Once taken, I immediately called for a meeting with Victoria. She would be given one chance for peace, or we will advance and take her precious London, and then her life.

Of course the terms would be some of her current treasury and all funds they WOULD have been making, to be given to us for a time. Once she considered it payment for sparing her life, it didn’t seem too much to ask for.

Although she smiled and said I had been “most kind and attentive,” the look on her face filled me with joy as I left the room.

When I saw her face as I was leaving, I told her I’d send a delegation, as payment for her being so understanding in these times. What made it even better? All was covered and paid for with the funds she just agreed to give me.

Liverpool’s order? To build a monument of course.

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